montis furniture

Montis are a Dutch company established in 1974 and they produce a collection of furniture characterised by distinctive colour combinations in very special ranges of fabrics and leathers. Montis are credited with using the unique production method of giving a chair or sofa its jacket. Montis key designer Gijs Papavoine works alongside owner Paul van den Berg. Other external collaborators include Niels Bendtsen, Arnold Mercx and Simon Pengelly. Montis maintain that regard, honesty, dedication and an eye for detail will remain their top priorities in the future. Montis very modern and appealing range of furniture includes the Axel sofa, Loge chair, Ivy chair, the Ella chair and the Lazy bastard chair.

montis tor tablemontis mick stoolmontis loge armchair
montis tor table
£128.00 £108.80
montis mick stool
£388.00 £329.80
montis loge armchair
£2,150.00 £1,827.50

montis lazy bastard chairmontis ivy chairmontis flint coffee table
montis lazy bastard chair
£495.00 £420.75
montis ivy chair
£957.75 £814.09
montis flint coffee table
£702.00 £596.70

montis emi tablemontis ella chairmontis doble table
montis emi table
£414.00 £351.90
montis ella chair
£1,142.00 £970.70
montis doble table
£2,109.00 £1,792.65

montis dim sum rocking chairmontis cup seatmontis beanie pouf
montis dim sum rocking chair
£1,632.00 £1,387.20
montis cup seat
£507.00 £430.95
montis beanie pouf
£256.00 £217.60

montis axel armchairmontis axel 5 seater sofamontis axel 4 seater sofa
montis axel armchair
£1,150.00 £977.50
montis axel 5 seater sofa
£2,978.00 £2,531.30
montis axel 4 seater sofa
£2,532.00 £2,152.20

montis axel 3.5 seater sofamontis axel 3 seater sofamontis axel 2.5 seater sofa
montis axel 3.5 seater sofa
£2,365.00 £2,010.25
montis axel 3 seater sofa
£2,207.00 £1,875.95
montis axel 2.5 seater sofa
£1,821.00 £1,547.85

montis axel 2 seater sofamontis axel 1.5 seater sofaex display montis emi table in blue
montis axel 2 seater sofa
£1,712.00 £1,455.20
montis axel 1.5 seater sofa
£1,571.00 £1,335.35
ex display montis emi table in blue
£414.00 £289.00

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