Montis Aztec Sofa 3 Seater Sofa

Availability: MADE TO ORDER 6 - 8 WEEKS

Montis Aztec Sofa is a new addition to the family, it has a robust yet soft appearance providing maximum comfort. The flat surface of the back and arm rests allow you to comfortably rest there or even provides a surface for a food tray or a laptop, what more do we want! The Montis Aztec can be tailored to your needs due to the height and width of the back and arm rests which means the back can be connected to an arm panel, easily allowing it to be converted into a comfy, cosy corner sofa. Designed by Gerard van den Berg who attended a vocational course in furniture production at the technical secondary school, Rotterdam and is a joint founder of and dedicated designer for Montis for many years, he explains that his technical knowledge contributes to his artistic creativity.

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