Softline Madison Sofabed

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Softline Madison Sofabed is an elegant sofa which transforms into a luxurious double bed by folding the upper seat forwards which ideal for sleeping guests and making best use of existing living space. Madison is an uncomplicated sofa bed with a casual feeling for sitting, chilling and sleeping. The sofa exudes a casual elegance with its pure fabric-covered steel armrests and the many back cushions with pointed seams. The fabric-covered steel armrests give it its identity and uniqueness. The seat depth of the Madison sofa invites you to lounge and chill. Available in multiple fabric choices to suit any aesthetic, the Madison Sofabed is the perfect option for your home. Designed by Thomas Müller who studied at the "Akademie der bildenden Künste in Stuttgart" as well as at the "Royal College of Art" in London and Jörg Wulff who studied at the "Hochschule für Gestaltung", "Hochschule der Künste", Berlin, as well as "College of Art and Design Bournemouth and Pool". Muller and Wulff won a good design award for the Madison in 2018.

Frame in black

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