bonaldo big table


Availability: Approx 6 - 8 weeks

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Bonaldo Big table the Big table with the Big personality. The Bonaldo Big table was created by the Belgian designer Alain Gilles and my goodness how we love it. What more could you want from contemporary design? The Bonaldo big table is modern, functional, robust, minimal, funky and typcally Italian. A table which, although created in some traditional materials like steel, wood and glass, is characterised by extremely original and innovative design, so much so that the perception of the Big table changes depending on the angle from which it is viewed. The legs of the Bonaldo Big are available in various colour versions: white, anthracite grey, multicoloured (red, orange, green and violet) and in a combination of browns and grey tones (powder pink, dove grey, brown and anthracite). The rectangular table top on Big is available in glass, walnut veneer, solid American walnut or ceramic. The Big table is available as a fixed or extending unit. Please call us at the showroom on 01282 862626 to find out more about this fantastic table or for other sizes available in this range! CLICK HERE to view the specifications of the table.
Dimensions: 200cm x 100cm, 220cm x 100cm, 250cm x 100cm, 300cm x 108cm