At A White Room we have a real passion for the world in which we live. We're surrounded by the rolling hills of Pennine Lancashire and so protecting the environment makes perfect sense and we have taken a number of measures to ensure that our impact on the environment is kept at the absolute minimum.


Where possible we try to use the minimum amount of packaging necessary for safe transportation. all packaging material we recieve from suppliers is recycled.

Deliveries and Transport

Grouping items together and packaging multiple item orders inside 1 box reduces the volume of the items being shipped meaning they take up minimal space on a van therefore fewer trips are being made and less fuel being burnt producing waste gases. Where possible we make local deliveries ourselves which we try and organise into one single trip. Our staff car share and will walk or use public transport whenever possible.


All waste produced from A White Room is carefully sorted and all recyclable material is reused, mainly for added protection when packaging.

Office Supplies

We are proudly use refillable ink cartridges. When purchasing paper items we are keen to ensure that they are sourced from a sustainable source. Printing is only done when absolutely necessary and our aim is to become a paperless office in the not too distant future.

Energy Usage

A White Room use as little electrical energy as possible, we don't use gas and all the lighting in our showroom is on timer switches to ensure nothing is permanently switched on. When our showroom is empty we switch off lighting and appliances to preserve energy. where possible all lights and lamps are fitted with energy efficient light bulbs. Many of the lighting we sell incorporates LEDs.

Electrical Goods

Since July 2007 the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations have applied.

Under the WEEE Regulations, all new electrical goods should now be marked with the crossed-out wheeled bin symbol. Goods are marked with this symbol to show that they were produced after 13th August 2005, and should be disposed of separately from normal household waste so that they can be recycled.

When buying electrical goods from us here at A White Room you have the right to bring your old goods back to us for recycling. This is done on a like for like basis so buy a kettle from us and we will dispose of your old kettle free of charge. This is to help reduce the amount of electrical items that are sent to landfill and send them to be recycled instead.