foscarini big bang suspension light


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Foscarini big bang suspension light. A funky faceted light that will create a real focal point in nay room but looks great over a table, foscarini big bang is a pendant lightmade upof intersections of white or red metacrylate panels offering reflected and deffused light. the panels on the big bang are supported in lacquered metal. The foscarini big bang is availablewith halogen or fluorescent bulb models. The halogen version big bang is also available in 2000mm or 5000mm cable lengths depending on your ceiling height. Bulbs are not included but specifications are as follows;1 x 26W GX24q-3 fluorescent or 1 x 160W R7s halogen.
Dimensions: big bang height: 66cm (including cable:200cm or 500cm) width: 96cm