Tables...With so many designs, finishes and styles to choose from we know that choosing a table can be a little more tricky than it sounds. At A White Room we have grouped all of our tables together to help you pick out what works best for you. We select tables from many of the best design ranges for you to choose from especially those we know are popular and well loved. As everyone’s home is different we are confident we offer a quality and diverse range to choose from as we realise it's important to maintain a home's individuality. Our friendly and experienced in-house team would love to help you choose your table, and for an informal discussion on what options are available please call us on (01282) 862626. Alternatively if you are looking for tables for a business or office space we can help with that too and offer you special trade terms. A new table is often an essential purchase but one which can add value to a room. Think of what a dining table does for instance, bringing loved ones, family and friends together to enjoy a (hopefully!) satisfying meal. Not only does a dining table set the scene for a shared and intimate experience it can be the platform for other essential daily chores and activities; crafts, homework and reading for example. As our dining tables often have multiple uses it's also essential they are durable and easy to maintain as well as aesthetically pleasing. Picture young ones and teenagers using the family dining table for cutting and sticking and painting and then later for reading and homework after which tables often need to be transformed into a ambient dining area for example for when friends come to visit for a meal. It's important to think of how a table works in a room stylistically too which may depend on what your décor is like and how the other furniture in the room sits together. Often a table is an afterthought in a newly finished room and therefore it could be a fantastic opportunity to add a slightly different twist to a room. For instance a high spec bright, white circular table with sparkly aluminium legs perfectly complements a contemporary space and could be further spiced up with the addition of funky coloured dining chairs; both durable and multi functional this would be perfect to accomodate the needs of a growing family. Alternatively an elegant rectangular extra light glass topped table with for example fabulous walnut legs would look amazing in a more formal space or a conservatory.

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