Jesse Nadira hanging door wardrobe


Availability: Approx 6 - 8 weeks

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Jesse Nadira Wardobe is part of Jesse's bedroom furniture range which also includes beds, bedside units and sliding door wardrobes. The wardrobes are all modular which means they can be made up to suit most spaces. There are nine satin lacquered glass colours to choose from with this wardrobe and the panel running through the middle is thermal oak. Please see our size and colour options above to find the perfect wardrobe for you.
Dimensions: 2 door wardrobes - 101cm or 121cm wide 3 door wardrobes - 150.2cm or 180.2cm wide 4 door wardrobes - 199.5cm or 239.5cm wide 5 door wardrobes - 248.7cm or 298.7cm wide 6 door wardrobes - 298cm or 358cm wide 7 door wardrobes - 347.2cm or 417.2cm wide