kartell bourgie lamp


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The Kartell Bourgie lamp is one of our favourite table lamps. Designer Ferruccio Laviani really excelled himself here with this Baroque style lamp. The Bourgie lamp has become one of Kartells best sellers over the years and we believe the attraction lies with the irony of using such a modern material on a table lamp that revisits a classical, rich and traditional period. The Bourgie stands tall and dramatic for a table lamp almost over the top in a way, yet this is the draw, a real statement piece. Bourgie is available in Black and Crystal as standard and the entry level but favourites as far as cost is concerned. Next up price wise is the White with Gold internally on the shade. After this you have metallic silver or the extremley blingy metallic gold. There are now also a few more submissions to the Bourgie range, Kartell have brought out the new multi-coloured version which you just have to see!
Dimensions: base d: 37cm, h: 68cm - 78cm