NOW PAGE (Updated 14th August 2020)


What we're doing now



Last supper



We've been enjoying eating out at our favourite restaurant before

Ella goes back to university in Leeds. We will miss her, although we're

sure she'll make a reappearance in a few weeks time...





We've been out walking in the Moors soaking up the last of the September
Sunshine before it gets colder. Ignore Rufus, he gets camera shy
(or is eyeing up a bird to chase nearby).









We've been watching thrilling series The Fall. Ella hates to admit that

she finished the whole thing within 2 days and

then made David watch it too.

We definitely recommend.




Grizzly Bear




We've been listening to Grizzly Bear, a band we were introduced to
a long time ago but one we never get bored of. Imagine the perfect music
for a roadtrip and take a listen.




We've got this.






 Stay safe and look after yourself,




 David, Ella and Team A White Room.













NOW PAGE (Updated 30th July 2020)



  What we're doing now




Kartell Mini Kabuki

David has bought himself a Kartell Mini Kabuki light which
he's been trialing in his living room. Safe to say it looks great!
What do you think?





Weekend away


Ella went for a weekend away and stayed on a boat in York

for a nice, civilised... (yeah right) break from all the

madness going on in the world




Tony Robbins - Unleash The Power Within

Discover how to transform your limiting beliefs, adding new meaning
and depth to your life. Learn to tap into your deepest
resources and become all you desire.



Doves - Lost souls


David has reignited his love for Doves and for this album especially.

Doves are an indie rock band from Cheshire, England featuring

twin brothers Jez and Andy Williams and guitarist Jimi Goodwin.


Take a listen




The Notebook (Netflix)


Ella has been rewatching this classic which, although she loves,

makes her cry every time... We're not quite sure why she continues to put

herself through the heartbreak





We've got this.



 Stay safe and look after yourself,


 David, Ella and Team A White Room.








NOW PAGE (Updated 14th July 2020)


  What we're doing now



 Recording Studio


 David has been busy renovating his garage to create a cosy
recording studio, ensuring he has the perfect set up for both
him and Ella to record their music.


How we achieved this:


 Linie Design Ronaldo Rug

 NLXL Brooklyn Tins Wallpaper

 Valspar Downing Street Black Paint



Moving house


 Ella has been busy relocating to her new house in Leeds

to carry on her studies, but she'll still be looking after

A White Room customers via her new office.



 Roo's Birthday


We have been celebrating Roo's 7th birthday. He spent the

day running in the park and eating his favourite food (cheese),

before snuggling up with his door stop best friend.




Riz Riley Music


David has been working on the finishing touches of his album

and has been listening to his tracks to ensure

they're perfect for the launch.


Take a listen




 Casual (Amazon Prime)


Ella has been watching a new comedy series called Casual.

An easy watch about a bachelor brother and his newly divorced sister

living underneath the same roof again.



We've got this.


Stay safe and look after yourself,

David, Ella and Team A White Room.


P.S. Tune in for more next week





NOW PAGE (Updated 30th June 2020)


What we're doing now



Gluten Free Brownies



Ella has been busy baking gluten free brownies for

Father's Day. She also made some rocky road but that was

already being devoured before she could take a pic...








We've been listening to/watching The Glastonbury Experience 

on tv to celebrate the years of amazing artists and top performances

in the comfort of our own homes!







David recommends this book which highlights the forms of

resistance faced by artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, and

others who are trying to break through creative barriers.





 Little Fires Everywhere (Amazon Prime Original)


Ella has recommended an 8 episode series called Little Fires Everywhere,

a short watch but definitely worth it if you haven't seen it already!



Pendle Hill


 Ella and Rufus have been enjoying more walks,

they recently ventured up Pendle Hill with a couple of friends and

got sunburned... but the views were definitely worth it!




We've got this.



 Stay safe and look after yourself,


 David, Ella and Team A White Room.








NOW PAGE (Updated 12th June 2020) 


What we're doing now


Visiting family


Ella and Rufus have been visiting family members

(socially distanced of course). Rufus was given more attention

than Ella but that's a sore subject...


Fruit Scones


David may have been top baker last week but Ella has

taken back her crown this week with her fruit

scones which went down a treat!


Connan Mockasin


Connan Mockasin is a genre hopping songwriter with a main

focus on psychedelic pop. His music will confuse,

yet amaze, you at the same time.


Chocolate Bouquet Company


Ella has been receiving bouquets full of her favourite

chocolates. She can't promise that half of them

aren't already missing... whoops!


The Road To Your Best Stuff - Mike Williams


David has been reading this personal development book to

set you off on the right track towards your business,

career and most importantly your best self.


Absentia (Amazon Prime Original)


David has recommended, yet another, gripping series

called Absentia. At this point we're wondering whether

he does anything other than watch tv...



We've got this.




 Stay safe and look after yourself,


 David, Ella and Team A White Room.







NOW PAGE (Updated 5th June 2020)


What we're doing now



Pendle Hill


Ella and Rufus have been exploring in the sunshine again.

At this stage he's tired of being dragged on big walks

every day and is begging her for a rest.




Rocky Road Recipe


 The tables have turned and David has taken over

Ella's spot of number 1 baker. His rocky road's were

to die for although Ella wont admit that...






Laura Marling


 We have been listening to Laura Marling for years

but have recently rediscovered her music and confirm it

never gets old... Get on board!






 A friend of Ella's suggested this exfoliating facial mask to

help with any textured skin. It looks and feels a bit strange when

first applied but so far, so good!